Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ArtSpace at Crestwood Plaza

The ArtSpace at Crestwood Plaza is the first in the country. Like many malls today, Crestwood Plaza was struggling to keep their doors open. Last March, the 51 year old mall was purchased by Chicago-based Centrum Properties and New York-based Angelo, Gordon & Co. They plan to tear down all or most of the mall. But that's at least five years from now. What to do in the mean time?

Centrum's managing partner Sol Barket, a former St. Louisan, has a long standing interest in fine arts. He suggested converting empty mall space into an art gallery where local artist's could display their work. Running with the idea, the new owners contacted and ultimately partnered with the Regional Arts Commission to take the ArtSpace from concept to reality. Theater companies, dance troops, and visual artists are among the 50 plus art groups/tenants sharing the space.

And the most furosh thing of all...My studio partner and I scored a 3000 sq ft space for $150.00 a month. An artists dream! Finally, a studio with no limitations! It's such an exciting opportunity I thought it'd be cool to blog about it.

Movin' never felt so good.

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  1. This is so cool. Are there any spaces left?